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Cooch Behar district is located in the Sub-Himalayan plains and belonging to the Tarai-Agro climatic zone of West Bengal. Out    of 3345 sq. km geographical area of the district, 2353 sq km (70.3% of geographical area) is under    cultivation. The district experiences a typical sub-tropical prehumid climate with high annual rainfall     (higher than 3000 mm), high relative humidity (avg. max. & min. of 95 & 65%, respectively) and          moderate temp. (avg. max. & min. of 38 and 5.5 0C, respectively). High ground water table vis-à-vis    high residual soil moisture and the prolonged winter (extending from Nov to March) are found to be    favourable factors contributing to successful raising of a good number of Rabi crops even under late    sown condition during winter months with or without irrigation. Despite the district is favourably         exposed to rainfall the occasional short dry spell in salient growth stages (PI, Flowering, etc.) significantly affects the yields of rainfed crops in Kharif season, while occurance of pre-monsoon showers with high intensity causing heavy yield loss of Pre-Kharif crops is also recorded. About 

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